Supply of public transport chip cards

We supply all desired quantities of OV-chip cards starting at 10 pieces at €8.50. Chip Bizz is the OV-chip card distributor in the Netherlands. We supply any desired quantity of OV-chip cards possibly with travel balance so that the OV-chip card can be used immediately.

Ordering public transport chip cards

Bestellen OV-chipkaart

  • Prijs per bulk: € 170,90 (excl. 21% BTW) - Aantal per bulk: 25 stuks
  • Prijs per bulk: € 336,50 (excl. 21% BTW) - Aantal per bulk: 20 stuks

Leasing OV chip cards

Leasing OV chip cards is convenient if you need OV chip cards for a short period of time. We can put travel balance on this in advance. Then you can order any travel balance that we will prepare within 4 hours. The cost for a lease card is:

Leasing : € 3.50 per OV-chip card
Deposit : € 5,00 per OV-chipkaart (deposit returned upon return of card)
Balance loading : € 1.00* per OV-chip card

* After returning the OV-chipkaart, we will credit the unused travel balance excluding €1.00 for unloading.

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