IT support

Chip Bizz has gained a lot of knowledge over the past few years by building and supervising various ICT projects.

The Project Team is responsible for new developments, major customer projects and implementing major changes to systems. The project team works on an assignment basis and works closely with various representatives in the execution of the projects.

What can we do for you:

  • Lead projects including reporting to steering committee
  • Support implementation in the organization
  • Actively support and organize progress meetings with stakeholders
  • Assist in the preparation of project plans
  • Performing process analysis
  • Translating process analyses into system designs


Personal OV chip card with balance Food Bank Nijmegen
For the Food Bank, we created a separate web page that made it easy to order personalized OV chip cards.

With these free personal public transport chip cards and €10.00 balance, clients were able to travel immediately. This was a project in cooperation with the Municipality of Nijmegen and the Food Bank Nijmegen

QR codes

For the carriers Connexxion, HTM and EBS, we developed QR codes for a number of public transport tickets. Travelers can now request public transport tickets even more easily and travel immediately using these QR codes on their phones.

What will be the successor to the OV chip card
Chip Bizz is also thinking about what could become the successor to the OV chip card. Think of technology based on EMV (bank card and credit card), but also via smartphone (QR-based) or through an app, for example. In short, a world in motion.

IT support
Through this OV world, much knowledge has been accumulated through the many ICT issues and projects. This allows us to support and advise you professionally.