Loading or readying OV Subscriptions

Between them, the public transit operators have more than 200 different transportation subscriptions. In the same way that we prepare travel balances, we can also prepare your season tickets for OV-chip cards.

  • A discount season ticket allows for cheaper travel, up to 20% during rush hour and 40% outside rush hour. You will then travel on balance with a discount.
  • An OV (star) season ticket allows monthly/annual travel for a fixed amount per month or per year.

Loading or readying OV Subscriptions

Monthly subscription ready at same carrier rate + €2.50*.
Annual pass ready at the same carrier’s rate + €10.00*.
* prices mentioned are excluding 21% VAT

OV travel advice

It is sometimes difficult to find the right subscription. We can find out for you which (discount) subscription is most suitable. We will provide you with a clear and straightforward overview explaining the most advantageous season ticket or why traveling on balance is more advantageous after all. You can save a lot of money each month with this!

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Load travel balance

We put any balance up to a maximum of €150.00 on an OV-chip card. We can also remotely set up any balance up to a maximum of €150.00 for you. Price per balance charge is €1.00*.

Within 4 hours, we will set the desired amount for the OV-chip card(s). Rush orders within 1 hour. When the balance is ready you will receive an email containing a packing slip. The travel balance can be collected at one of the yellow recharge points at Albert Heijn, Primera and most buses, among others.

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