How has Chip Bizz grown from distributor of public transport chip cards to all-round service provider!


In August 2009, the company Chip Bizz was created. From Amersfoort, Roger Rammers and Jos Swart started looking for distribution points in Rotterdam for the “new” OV-chipkaart. The replacement for the Strippenkaart. After this, next Amsterdam. After Chip Bizz put out the distribution, the partnership between Chip Bizz and the carriers had come into being.

After being distributed in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, all of the Netherlands had to be equipped with this OV-chip card. This worked out extremely well. To provide even better service to travelers, Chip Bizz has developed the webshop OV-shop.nl and OV-hanger. For foreign travelers came PTH (Public Transport Holland). This allows consumers to easily order public transport chip cards, season tickets and other travel products.

Jos:” We manage the web shops and websites ourselves. Because OV products are constantly changing, we are developing new products and challenges. In addition, the world of IT is also in flux. Consumers have higher demands and companies want to respond to this even better. I see Chip Bizz as the “Shared” Services organization for ICT-related products and services. Better to share existing knowledge and help each other than to keep all knowledge to yourself. And sharing this knowledge is even more financially attractive, too.”


Now 12 years later, the OV chip card is due for replacement again. This will happen around 2023. Various apps, bank card check-in and other products are already being tested. Chip Bizz has developed various QR codes to serve the traveler anonymously and properly in the future. This trend continues.

Roger: “Indeed, it all began in the small office in Soest. Now 12 years later, we’re going to look at what we can do in this changed OV world can mean. I know from experience that many travelers are reluctant to share personal information such as a bank card. I therefore still see us in the future as a service extension of the
Public transit operators


In short, Chip Bizz has grown into a full service organization that now handles many thousands of orders a day through many online stores for multiple organizations. Also be able to use your online store efficiently, leaving time for buying and selling? Or would you like us to oversee a tricky OV project? Then contact us. We are happy to serve you.

The OV-chipkaart platform is constantly evolving. Traveler/consumer demands are, rightly, only increasing.

Chipbizz Builds and Develops

Chip Bizz develops, realizes and manages products, services and services for the public transport chip card in the Netherlands. Using an intricate distribution network and an in-house developed back office, Chip Bizz is able to accomplish this professionally and efficiently.

Chip Bizz is the “Shared Services” organization for OV-chip card products, services and services for the business community and in particular public transport companies, (government) organizations and consumers.

Also, Chip Bizz is seeing several successors in the world of the public transport chip card. Think of technology based on EMV (bank card and credit card), but also via smartphone (QR_based) and in Apps. In short, a world in motion.