Defective OV chip cards

Dear Retailer,

In a batch of OV chip cards, whose expiration date is 01-08-2022, there is a chip that can malfunction. This may cause your OV-chip card to NOT work. Thus, checking in or out, retrieving your balance charge or your season ticket may not work.

For the traveler, this may mean that when used, the OV-chip card fails.

Should a traveler have a defective card, he can send the card using the form below and get his travel balance and purchase price of the OV-chipkaart refunded.

Click here to open the form (PDF format)

Travelers can also call Translink 0900-0980 .

The OV-chipcard holder did not lose his money. In fact, this is also tracked centrally.

Apologies for any inconvenience.