Business orders

Do you want to provide all your employees with ov-chip cards? Have a company outing planned? Chip Bizz offers attractive prices to companies looking to order large quantities of public transport products. We provide completely customized service, offer competitive prices and can bill after delivery.

The public transport chip card and its technology is Chip Bizz’s core business. Chip Bizz is the distributor of Anonymous OV-chip cards in the Netherlands. Every day we handle many orders for our distributors, OV companies, Corporations and Decentralized Governments. Due to punctual deliveries and good support, we have quickly become the market leader in the Netherlands. Our volume allows us to buy cheaper and we pass this margin on to our distributors in the Netherlands. Our margin is higher than any other provider. For example, if you wish, we can also print the logo of your company, business, Hotel on the OV-chip card.

You can also offer services using the “Engraved ID” (16 digits on the back of the OV-chip card) and/or Chip-ID (This is the internal code of the OV-chip card). We have a long list of satisfied customers for the following products, among others:

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

  • Bulk charging for OV chip cards
  • Work flow for handling travel expenses (CMR)
  • Counter module

At Chip Bizz, you can also get all your mobility problems taken out of your hands.

We also offer products and services to consumers through labels such as and to make public transportation more fun and, most importantly, easier.