Corporate transportation plan – Mobizz

Are you a business and want your employees to travel in an environmentally responsible manner? Then allowing your staff to travel by public transportation is an excellent choice. Furthermore, research shows that both time and money can be saved at many companies after analyzing commuting and implementing a transportation plan based on it. Chip Bizz can take a large number of concerns and actions off your hands during such an implementation, making your administration a lot easier. Through Mobizz, we offer you a totally personalized plan that incorporates all your requirements.

In this plan, we provide customized travel products for all of your employees. As a result, you receive only one invoice per period that includes the total consumption and you no longer have to worry about the hundreds of separate receipts that need to be declared every day. The invoice is also completely customizable.

Mobizz offers several solutions for your mobility problems, for example, we can provide all employees with a personal or anonymous ov-chip card on which the most advantageous subscription is loaded or we can load a monthly budget per ov-chip card. If travel is sporadic, you can also choose a partial ticket or we can provide the most economical daily or hourly tickets for each occasion.

This service not only makes claiming easier, it also takes away a lot of the hassle for you and your employees, we know about all the hundreds of different travel products so you don’t have to navigate your way through this complex market of providers and regulations. Furthermore, business travel expenses incurred will become many times more manageable. Your employees will not only get on the bus, streetcar, metro or train without any worries but can also use, for example, the ov-bike or one of the many p+r locations in the Netherlands without any problems!

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At Chip Bizz, you can also place large one-time orders for public transport products.

  • Thorough transportation plan
  • Entire application process
  • Provided with all necessary travel products and discounts
  • Peridiodic billing afterwards
  • Fewer claims