Chip Bizz products and services

Chip Bizz BV has in recent years grown into a broad service organization with the Public Transportation as the centerpiece. We not only develop products and services for the OV chip card, but also provide distribution of various public transport travel products in Netherlands and Abroad.

We are a “full service provider” in the field of Public Transportation and helping consumers, businesses and institutions to choose the best public transport solutions. This is how we arrange for various companies OV-chip cards with or without balance to recommend about the most advantageous subscription. This saves both time and money.

Below you will find a brief description of our services. Do you still have questions or is your solution not listed here, please contact us. We can then see what options are available to you.

1. Supply of OV chip cards

2. Load travel balance or ready

3. Lease n OV chip cards

4. OV travel advice

5. Loading OV Subscriptions or prepare

6. OV hourly and daily tickets

7. Collection points Schiphol and train stations

8. Personal Managing OV chip cards

9. Accessories



1. Supply of public transport chip cards

We are the largest public transport chip card distributor in the Netherlands. We supply every desired amount of OV chip cards possibly provided with travel balance allowing the OV chip card can be used immediately.

2. Load or ready travel balance

Has you use multiple OV-chip cards in for guests or employees, for example, and Do you need to balance them regularly? We can also do this safely and quickly for you do. Any amount is possible up to a maximum of €150.00. Please note that there may maximum of € 150.00 on an OV-chip card. Within 4 hours we put the desired amount for the OV chip card(s) ready. Rush orders within 1 hour. When the balance is ready you will receive an email containing a packing slip. The travel balance can be picked up at any of the yellow charging stations at Albert, among others Heijn, Primera and in most buses. At the end of the month, you will receive an invoice and an itemized summary of orders.

3. Lease n OV chip cards

The Leasing OV-chip cards is convenient if you need OV-chip cards for a short period of time. needs. We can prepare travel balance on this in advance. After that, you can Possibly order travel balance which we prepare within 4 hours. The cost for leasing is €2.50 per OV-chip card and €5.00 deposit. The cost of charging remotely is €1.00 per OV-chip card per balance charge. After returning these lease cards, you will receive the remaining balance and deposit in return.

4. OV travel advice

The is sometimes difficult to find the right subscription. We can find out for you Which (discount) subscription is most appropriate. You will receive from us a clear and clear overview explaining the most advantageous subscription or why traveling on balance is more advantageous anyway. You can incur many monthly costs with this saving.

5. Loading OV Subscriptions or prepare

The Together, public transport operators have more than 200 different transportation subscriptions. In the same way that we prepare travel balances, we can also prepare subscriptions for OV chip cards ready.

With a discount season ticket allows for cheaper travel, up to 20% during rush hours and 40% off-peak. You will then travel on balance with a discount.

With an OV (star) subscription, monthly/annual travel can be made for a fixed amount per month or per year.

6. OV hourly and daily tickets

We supply hourly and daily tickets from all carriers. Are you expecting many guests who come by public transportation then you can send them an ov card in advance. The Public transit operators from major cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague) have also multi-day disposable cards. We deliver any quantity of tickets you want.

7. Collection points Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam Central Station and Rotterdam

Has you guests arriving at Schiphol Airport, Central Station Amsterdam or Rotterdam, then there we can provide the OV chip cards or day cards by name for you prepare. Possibly with our English-language brochure to show guests around. make in our public transportation. These service points are open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. hour. Of course, we can also transfer OV chip cards or day cards to another location send.

8. Personal Managing public transport chip cards

We can also manage personal public transport chip cards. For example, for schools or other institutions. For each personal public transport chip card, we can provide travel balance or prepare a monthly/annual subscription. For these services (applications personal OV chip cards, balance and/or season tickets ready or advice) we charge a service fee per user/per year. This, of course, depends of wishes.

9. Accessories

In addition to all OV travel products we also supply OV cases, anti skim cases with possibly a keycord or yo-yo. Some of the cases can also be Printed with logo or your own design. This prevents the OV-chip cards from being damaged and your relation or guest will have all your data easily together.

10. Support

Chip Bizz has its own help desk and they can answer all your questions. We are available all weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Has you still have questions then you can always contact us via the following phone number. Of course, you can also send us an email.

Chip Bizz BV

Dutch Quay 16

1391 JD Abcoude

Phone: 0294-795157


Delivery of OV-chip cards
We deliver any quantity of OV-chip cards starting at €8.00 including 9% VAT.

Load travel balance
We put any balance up to a maximum of €150.00 on an OV-chip card. Also on distance we can set up any balance up to a maximum of €150.00 for you. Price on balance charge is €1.00*.

Lease n OV chip cards *

The cost for a lease card is:

Leasing : € 2.50* per OV-chip card

Deposit : € 5.00* per OV-chip card (deposit returned upon return of card)

Balance loading : € 1.00* per OV-chip card
After returning the OV-chipkaart, we will credit the unused travel balance excluding €1.00*
for discharge.

OV travel advice

We search for you the cheapest travel pass.

This advice costs €9.95* per OV-chip card.

Loading OV Subscriptions or get ready.

Monthly subscription ready at the same carrier’s rate + €2.50*.
Annual pass ready at the same carrier’s rate + €10.00*.

OV hourly and daily tickets

We supply the hourly and daily tickets at the same rate as from the carrier.

With that comes only shipping costs.

Collection points Schiphol and Central Stations

We can provide OV chip cards or day passes on name ready for you at our service points at Schiphol Airport, Central Station Amsterdam or Rotterdam. For this, we only charge shipping costs. Service point opening hours 07:00 – 22:00.

Personalized public transport chip cards manage

To apply for personal public transport chip cards, Preparing balance, giving advice or preparing subscriptions charge we charge a service fee per user/per year. This depends on your requirements.


Prices upon request.


Prices upon request.

* prices mentioned are excluding 21% vat