Chip Bizz takes away all your mobility problems and can relieve you of worries of managing a distribution network in one fell swoop.


Your employees want to travel to and from work in the easiest way possible, and you as an employer want to provide the most economical opportunity to do so. But do your staff have the correct public transport products loaded onto the OV-chip card?

Companies seeking to use public transport products and/or services must search a complex market of providers and regulations. Chip Bizz has years of experience in this world, so it can help you choose the right services and products like no other. Thus, we ensure that all your employees have the most appropriate products on their OV-chip card. Moreover, we are independent of carriers which ensures our objectivity.

Best price

By concentrating distribution and the back office, Chip Bizz is able to achieve the scale that creates a substantial cost advantage that you too can benefit from. Many OV Companies and DOs are too small to provide a full, professional service organization. We can make a fist to subcontractors and are also independent to any supplier of, for example, OV charging machines. (AVMs and AHMs).

Personal approach

Due to the young and dynamic nature of a relatively small company, we ensure that you can almost always get in touch with a staff member who can help you immediately. Because of this approach, we can generally deliver to consumers within 1 business day, for businesses it is 3 business days.

Our size allows us to deploy specialists in a concentrated manner and does not create fragmented activities. This benefits the efficiency and flexibility of implementation and management. Not a rigid contract, but a thinking supplier. Our reports are not only quantitative but will include qualitative recommendations where appropriate. A transportation plan for your organization can be realized and implemented quickly.


As a learning organization, we are able to reuse the knowledge. Whether it’s the uniformity of a contract for a retail chain or knowledge needed to manage back-office systems or provide training.

One of a kind

Although it is claimed that this service can be done well, setting up the back office of a distribution company is not a core business of OV companies or DOs nor of our competitors. Chip Bizz does have as its core business setting up the back office of distribution companies so you can definitely consider this as added value.

As an Enterprise, Foundation, OV Company or DO, you enter into one contract with Chip Bizz and we take care of the rest for you. Your contract manager controls the complete outsourcing of these services. Our SLAs make the service transparent and you are in `control`. You know in advance where you stand at a pre-agreed price, and if you want to expand the service then of course this is always possible.

With Chip Bizz’s services, you as an Enterprise, Foundation, OV Company or DO are relieved of the worries of managing a distribution network in one fell swoop.