Chip Bizz is a young organization but nonetheless has a wealth of experience. The founders have a track record in Project Management, IT, Financial Processes and Service Management. Exactly those ingredients that were needed to launch successfully.

After the introduction of the public transport chip card in Rotterdam (RET), Amsterdam (GVB) followed suit. Above all, distribution to the traveler had to be done well. After the OV-chipkaart was successfully introduced in Amsterdam, the trend was set and all of the Netherlands followed.

Chip Bizz still handles the daily distribution of anonymous OV-chip card in the Netherlands. Mainly through retail chains like Primera, Bruna, Ako but also through all well-known supermarket chains. We also supply the anonymous OV-chip cards to companies and consumers in the Netherlands.

Chip Bizz is periodically audited and certified with Translink (owner OV-chipkaart) and fulfills multiple roles in the OV-scheme. For this, see Products and Services. They also realize complex interim projects and mobility issues.