Who we are

Chip Bizz has implemented a network of public transport distribution points on behalf of public transport companies and governments.

These OV distribution points should allow all travelers in the Netherlands to easily purchase an OV chip card. It is also possible to recharge the OV chip card at many locations. People can also get information, leaflets and forms at these distribution points to replace or cancel (defective) OV-chip cards. We still handle the daily distribution of the anonymous OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands.

Chip Bizz is independent and has extensive experience with the OV-chipkaart travel products of all carriers and is able to relieve your organization and employees of all worries related to business travel and commuting by public transport and to simplify the cumbersome administration of expenses. We really take the services out of your hands and provide a professional customer-oriented organization that ensures always-charged OV-chip cards (with both travel products and travel balance). In addition, you want your employees to travel at the correct fares, receive claims easily, and efficiently complete subscription requests.

Chip Bizz can also print the OV chip card for your organization with your company logo. Chip Bizz also develops products and services related to the OV-chipkaart for your organization

Chip Bizz contributed to the introduction of the OV-chip card and can advise you and your organization on how to make the best use of the OV-chip card. Because of our long experience, we know that these services have specific requirements and require competencies.

Chip Bizz is audited annually and is accredited to provide public transport products and services. Therefore, Chip Bizz focuses only on the market of the public transport chip card and related services. In this, we want to be the best.